ARP rods are non-metallic composites designed primarily for use as a strength member in low count fiber optic cables. ARP rods are manufactured by using aramid fiber a lightweight and extraordinarily strong fibre and with unique formulation of modified resin and high heat resistant catalysts. It offers very high tensile strength & better bending properties with minimum weight. ARP rods are ideal for cables designed for FTTH application where the cables are laid/stringed in places of sharp bends also suitable for all dielectric cable configurations where placement close to power lines

EAA coated (Ethylene Acrylic Acid) ARP rods are available with us. Which allows easy handling and provides better adhesion properties product range


  • An excellent choice for high temperature environments.
  • Light weight and high strength.
  • Low expansion.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion than steel wire.
  • Impact and break resistance.
  • High tensile strength (1700MPa).
  • Flexible and easy to bend.
  • Enables the cable to be compact, aesthetic and flexible, especially for the indoor layouts.

Technical Specifications

Aramid Content 68±2% (DIN EN ISO 1172)
Unit weight 0.25 ± 0.05 gm/m Weighing scale
Diameter Stability 0.50 ± 0.03 mm Micro meter
Ovality < 0.03 mm Micro meter
Splices None -
Ultimate Tensile Strength >300 N JRD D3916
Tensile strength at 1% elongation >93 N JRD D3916
Tensile Modulus >49 G/Pa JRD D3916
Elongation @ break >2.5 % JRD D3916
Min bend diameter at 25º C 10 mm Mandrel blend
Moisture Content ≤2.0 Oven, 150ºC, 30 min