FRP Rods are manufactured by using high performance E-glass fibre with tight loss on ignition, minimised fuzz and fast impregnation reinforced with unique formulation of modified resin and high heat resistant . It is also available with various coatings such as EAA, Polypropylene and HDPE, which allows easy handling and better gripping to Optical Fibre Cables.
FRP Rod is one of the strongest and most durable material for optical fibre cable. FRP is also known as "composite material," which is a combination of resin, reinforcements, additives and surface veil. It is highly cost effective solution as a strength member


  • Superior dimensional stability
  • High Tensile Modulus
  • Sizes Available: 0.50 mm – 6.50mm
  • Dielectric (excluding carbon)
  • Additional up-jacketing available up to 11.00 mm
  • Long, splice - free length
  • Splicing & Re-spooling services available
  • Provided anti - buckling properties and protection during installation
  • Consistent diameter and shape

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties Units Value Test Method
Density gm/cm3 1.91-2.15 Water Immersion
Diameter Tolerance mm +/- 0.05 Micrometer
Ovality % <5 Micrometer
Tensile Strength at Break Kg/mm2 >140 ASTM D3916
Elongation at Break % >2.5 ASTM D3916
Tensile Modulus Kg/mm2 >5000 ASTM D3916
Minimum Bending Radius @ 25 ºC mm <25 X D JRD/QS/007
Heat Stress Tolerance , 80 ºC , 24 Hrs mm <50 X D JRD/QS/007
Flexural Strength Kg/mm2 >70 ASTM D790
Flexural Modulus Kg/mm2 >5000 ASTM D790
Water Absorption % <0.1 ASTM D590
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion cm/cm/0C 5.2 X 10-6 ASTM D696